Random password generator

Random password generator

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Random password generator
Random password generator

 Why should I use a strong password?


Most web applications (Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Seznam ...) use to verify  the user account password. Since it is undesirable to  anyone to get to your account, appropriate password becomes a necessity. Passwords such as "hello", "heslo123", "Aneta" can be guessed or randomly tested robot.


Another factor in the use of a password is a web application where the password will be used. Because he hardly anyone remembers passwords 50 to 50 services, people use the same password for multiple services. A better option than using a single password, undoubtedly constitute the use of at least five passwords that are repeated within the framework of the same importance.


Inventing a sufficiently strong password just "the finger" can be complicated. It is for this purpose we have created a secure online generator of random passwords.


As such password generator works and how much they are generated passwords safe we say now.


Online random password generator helps to create a secure password as given parameters.

The generated password is highly safe, since it consists of random characters which do not have a logical link.

Attack to crack passwords using dictionary terms is practically unusable.

The power generated password can be increased using a combination of lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers and special characters.

Using more than one character password strength grows exponentially.

The following list shows how much variation can be achieved by what parameters.


4 characters, lowercase = 456 976 options

4 characters, case sensitive = 7 311 616 options

5 characters, lowercase = 11 881 376 options

5 characters, case sensitive = 380 204 032 options

5 characters, lowercase, uppercase and numbers = 1 934 917 632 possibilities

5 characters, lowercase, uppercase, numbers and special characters = 6 956 883 693 possibilities

6 characters, lowercase, uppercase, numbers and special characters = 646 990 183 449 options

As the computing power of today's processors is high, it is advisable to choose a password at least six characters, using upper and lower case letters along with numbers. Order to avoid some of the characters that you swap with another similar (eg "i" and "l" or "0" and "O"), the generator allows these characters omitted.


Online password generator is secured with SSL protocol, thus making it impossible to just tapping the generated password. You do not have to be worried as in the case of normal unsecured transmission of information.